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MB14 & Tamara - Knockin' on Heaven's door (Bob Dylan cover) / Beatbox-Guitar

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This is a video we shot a while ago in August 2017, spending some holidays in Marseille, chilling and performing. This is a live street performance that we really enjoyed doing, on the spot, in a very peaceful spirit !! Big up to my good friend Tamara, we met during The Voice in 2016 and it was a pleasure collaborating with her, check her amazing rendition of this song on the Voice France !! Big thanks to Narcis, Charly, So, Emmy-Liyana and Nicolas for this evening ! Recorded on an H6 Zoom Filming : Nicolas Ménard Editing : Nicolas Ménard/MB14 Mixing : MB14 Tamara on FB : Tamara on IG : Thank you so much !
Postato 05 settembre 2019 - Inserito Musica
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