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Ho Conosciuto Il Dolore - Roberto Vecchioni

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I knew the pain (In person, it is understood) And he met me: We are friends since ever, I never lost it; He is much less, Which indeed feels like finished If, for a single day, He does not see me or he does not feel me. I knew the pain And it seemed ridiculous to me, When I give him elbow, When I say in the face: "But to whom do you want to be afraid?" I knew the pain: And he was the sick child, The lost girl on the horizon, The choked dream, The indifference of the world to hunger, To poverty, to life ... The brigand in the corner Hidden cowardly beaten tumor God, who was not there And he swore to be there, if he swore, to be there ... and he was not there I knew the pain And I hit him with songs and words To make him tremble, To make it pale, To bring it back to the corner, So full of barrels, So stunned packed packed ... So wretched that at the gong signal He jumped out of the ring and never again Never see again Then I stopped it in a bar, Who did not even know people; I stopped him to say: "With me you can not do anything!" I knew the pain And I had pity on him, Of his solitude, Of his spider's fingers To be condemned to his trade Condemned to his pain; I looked into his eyes, Which are rocks and tears Of broken dreams: breaths interrupted The last stars of desperate lovers "Do you want to stop for a moment?" I asked, Do you want to stop hiding it? Do you want to sit down? For once listen to me !! listen to me .... And do not fancy! You did everything To disarm my life And you do not know, you can not know Which passes me like a thin shadowy shadow, Just-just touching, And you have no way out Because, in the heart learned, In this wait Even in one instant, The emotion of friends who leave, Children born, Dreams that run in my present, I'm alive And you, my pain, Does not count a fucking thing I met you in a winter night One of those nights that look like one day But in the midst of the invisible stars and gone I'm a man ... and you're not a fuckin 'thing
Postato 18 luglio 2017 - Inserito Musica
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