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Iron Maiden - Rock in Rio (live full)

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P.S. Youtube is converting this in 3D! All copyrights reserved by EMI and IRON MAIDEN band (THE BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE!) NOTE: I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO! Info:Rock In Rio is a live album by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, recorded at Rock in Rio, Brazil in 2001 on the last night of the Brave New World Tour. The band played in front of the second largest crowd of their career, approximately 250,000 people (the band's largest concert attendance was their 1985 Rock In Rio performance to a crowd of 300,000)[2] and with the relatively recent return of lead singer Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith to the band, they recorded their fifth live release. If you like album please buy it and support band! 1. "Intro: Arthur's Farewell" 2:35 2. "The Wicker Man" 4:05 3. "Ghost of the Navigator" 8:45 4. "Brave New World" 15:38 5. "Wrathchild" 21:45 5. "2 Minutes to Midnight" 24:42 6. "Blood Brothers" 30:34 7. "Sign of the Cross" 38:29 8. "The Mercenary" 49:12 9. "The Trooper" 53:55 10. "Dream of Mirrors" 58:40 11. "The Clansman" 1:08:09 12. "The Evil That Men Do" 1:17:34 13. "Fear of the Dark" 1:22:13 14. "Iron Maiden" 1:29:50 15. "The Number of the Beast" 1:37:35 16. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" 1:42:30 17. "Sanctuary" 1:50:01 18. "Run to the Hills" 1:56:45
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