Unwoman - Hurt Official Video (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

Postato da XxHuRtxX (mp3) This is the mostly-one-take video for my cover of NIN's "Hurt." The song can be bought directly from me (Unwoman) at the link above (you can get the whole, 15-track covers album Uncovered, including songs by Front 242, Madonna, and Tori Amos, for just $4.99 there too) It was shot in the wilds of the East Bay by Steen ( ) The one-take you see for the song worked so well we decided to release it as an official video. More footage was taken but has not been cut... and probably never will be. Any commenters insisting that Johnny Cash wrote this song will be ruthlessly mocked.
Postato 03 giugno 2013
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