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PLEASE READ!!!!!! It's not a best guitarrist competition, it's just a video I wanted to do to express my opinion about the guitar shredders, and it's because guys like Mark Knopfler(The Best with Randy Rhoads in my opinion), Jimmy Page, Blackmore etc aren't here and I'm pretty sure that no one will agree completely with my selection as I never agreed with the ones I've seen, so please, don't post comments saying"Oh, A is better than B", and I did't use just speed or technics as a way of evaluation, but also feeling, creativity and improvisation capacity. One more thing: I tried as much as I could to avoid overused songs like Holy wars, Symphony of destruction, Eruption, Mr. Crowley, Crazy Train, Tornado os souls, Hangar 18, Betcha can't play this videos, Sacth Boogie, For the love of God, Jump, No Boundaries, Freight Train etc
Postato 24 novembre 2012
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    Atom20 Ma è possibile godere ascoltando il suono della chitarra elettrica? No perchè io sto godendo eh! :-D
    24 novembre 2012