Atom Heart Mother/Echoes excerpts - Hakone, Japan - Pink Floyd 1970-1972 2DVD set

Postato da alessandro65 This is a clip that has floated around the collector's circles for years shown only as Atom Heart Mother with a soundtrack from another show but the clips were always out of place and out of sync and you can tell they were playing other songs besides Atom Heart Mother. Well for this special 2DVD set I have re-edited this clip with most of the video synced with the proper songs and have used the audio from the first night August 6, 1971. The songs for this version of the Hakone footage include not only Atom Heart Mother but Echoes and Saucerful Of Secrets as well. This special 2DVD set also has never before seen footage of Pink Floyd performing Atom Heart Mother with full orchestra & choir at Hyde Park in London, England July 18, 1970! Around The World With Pink Floyd 1970-1972 *All shows Pro Shot. All shows excellent video & audio qualtiyexcept Hakone which is Newsreel footage Disc One KQED TV performance, April 30, 1970 Recorded at the Fillmore West - Atom Heart Mother - Cymbaline - Grantchester Meadows - Green Is The Color - Careful WIth That Axe, Eugene - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun running time 60 minutes approx. Festival de Musique, St. Tropez, France, August 8, 1970 - Soundcheck - Atom Heart Mother - The Embryo - Green Is The Color - Careful WIth That Axe, Eugene - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun running time 53 minutes *This is the best video & audio quality of these 2 pieces of prime footage to date! Disc Two Holland Pop Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands June 28, 1970 - taken from the film Stamping Grounds. Clips of: - Atom Heart Mother - Saucerful Of Secrets ORTF Studios, Buttes Chaumont, Paris, France December 5, 1970 untitled instrumental often referred to as 'Corrosion' Musikhalle, Hamburg, West Germany February 25, 1971 excerpt of Atom Heart Mother Stadhalle, Offenbach, West Germany February 26, 1971 excerpt of Saucerful Of Secrets Aphrodite Festival, Hakone, Japan August 6-7, 1971. Excerpts of: - Atom Heart Mother - The Arrival - Echoes - The Fans and the Press - Saucerful Of Secrets - The Departure - Footage of Pink Floyd arriving at airport, mingling with fans & press during their memorable 1971 trip to Japan *Newsreel footage of B+ quality/audio is actual audience recording from Hakone Japan, August 6, 1971 Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, Australia August 15, 1971 b&w footage excerpt of Careful With That Axe, Eugene/Interview Amsterdam Rock Circus - May 22, 1972 - B&W footage Atom Heart Mother Careful With That Axe Eugene A Saucerful Of Secrets Bonus Footage - NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage of of Pink Floyd at Hyde Park July 18, 1970 performing Atom Heart Mother with The Phillip Jones Brass Ensemble & John Aldiss Choir - B&W footage *timecode blurred out at top of screen for improved viewing running time 21:30 Music from these performances are from the following Pink Floyd albums: Saucerful Of Secrets More Ummagumma Atom Heart Mother Meddle Please visit Amazon or your local record store to purchase these great albums.
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