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Federico Salvatore - Se io fossi San Gennaro (Live Version)

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Video di Luigi Zaccheo Traduzione in inglese If I were San Gennaro would not be so Soft With my Neapolitan I would be pissed/ bad for real How does the landlord accounts after such a failure I unceremoniously cynical and violent tell the manufacturer of the " centro direzionale" that he can 'just piss because' he made a urinal Skyscrapers of pain a heart attack in history Maybe it 's only manufacturer who has lost his memory Meanders in the districts of madonnas and sirens Dishes and antennas are needles in my veins And in the alleys of the old cloisters of pastors and saints The windows are anodized slaps monuments It 's like spitting in the face of D'angio' to Aragon Delete away the traces of a mistress Naples And 'effort a despicable pimp shit, slipt also on the Pearls gave the pigs from Don Carlo of Bourbon ( Don Carlo di Borbone) is therefore i get heated with hidden political because 'only they are the real Camorra To which Naples has always paid the tangent And someone has collected with the blood of people And some big Ass the goal is the "chair ( for business) " And for us poor fools just is enough a Maradona And the miracle required, that blood red light Knows only Jesus 'Christ that the blood is 'bitter blood And no one says enough for the cult of the party And Naples is under the eyes of tourists And Naples is under the eyes of tourists Away old pavement that filed reports Volcanic rocks and slabs of asphalt bury him ... The contract ..." But I can not 'accept the Provincial label is a stealing Naples in each newscast A Naples-smelling stew 'of crime Cocaine spaghetti and pizza margherita An abusive Naples, artificial paradise With the recurring dream of escape and to emigrate And a people that has created new courses in school And the professor who teaches What 'the art do with what you've got I can no longer 'accept the label of redneck/peckerwood And the saying that every child is " nu bell scarrafon" It gnaws me which FORCELLA is 'the Kasbah of Tricky Where They exchange with the package a stereo with the brick If I was San Gennaro, I swear I should puke My anger would do worse by Vesuvius in Pompeii And because 'I've got got a taste under the guise of be Saint i think it is fair to say also a few names i would ask to singer pino daniele , what happened " terra mia " we are " Lazzari Felici " " quann Chiov" " a pecundria " ( are title of songs ) Naple is 'na dirty paper Napule is a thousand fears ( hear Napul'è) But for these lanes blacks have passed these children, Da Pontano a Paisiello Giulio Cesare Cortese Da Basile a Totonno Petito fino a Benedetto Croce Da Di Giacomo a Viviani poi Caruso coi Parisi Da Toto' ai De Filippo fino a Massimo Troisi C'e' passato Genovesi e Leopardi with Proud The Romantic Matilde e "il mattino " by Scarfoglio Filangieri Cardarelli all Marotta's Gold and also the madonna , that you can see to Piedigrotta A Luciano De Crescenzo Bellavista from Milano And Sofia ( Loren) from Pozzuoli today speaks American A Roberto De Simone, who has taken even the heart Now try toexploit Federico Salvatore But I can not tolerate those who will retain the right then To change and transform everything 'which is done Who wants to cut the rope with the old tradition Who put shit in culture and song I can not stand that a man born in Foggia Bring Napoli t in the world and newpapers encourages him And the critic has given the event for neomelodico's People To throw down the toilet Napoli of 1900 Century Why 'I still believe I am angry and I swear Posillipo and Toledo that divides them an old wall How to Berlin that there splits in two halves' And a blowjob's KID and another is Dad's Kid ( raccomantation and rich situation in Napoli) If I were San Gennaro swear that I would dress Pulcinella Che Guevara and go down from the sky To shout to my people all that 'it hurts And yet I end up with innocent Poggioreale ( prision) I realized that life and 'only a return trip Tomorrow and that 'already' finished yesterday and 'a new day Looks like a joke but I feel more 'safe With projects from the past and the memories of the future And at the end of my trip to Naples i would ask forgiveness If I tried to stay who and what i am.
Postato 17 marzo 2013
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