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Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

Postato da GODWYN Stairway To Heaven (At it's best quality) with a little extra at the end... Also Led Zeppelin rules! And this song should be heard by everyone! Jimmy Page, a musical genius and one of the best rock guitarists ever... Robert Plant, a great singer/lyricist and has one of the greatest voices known... JPJ, great bass works, great keyboard works, a great musician, truly great... Bonzo, ROCK THE F*CK OUTTA THOSE DRUMS! YEAH! RIP Bonzo, too... All outstanding, breathtaking and great artists to all together in one of the greatest rock bands known to the world. PS: Youtube's copyright sh*t is a pain! I'll completely fight against it... WMG sucks for removing videos... But I completely understand why, but not for this song, no sir! WMG is Warner Music Group, if you didn't know... This is a song that is for everybody! And everybody should hear it! Even though I understand what their purpose is... I will still fight for this song to be heard through generations. Also when I found that the original video got blocked, I didn't felt it was my duty to do another video, I didn't want to take all the views (I don't care), it's just I wanted other people to hear its beauty! New people! Look, I was born in 1992 and then I found nothing interesting about music in my early age! Everyone was listening to rap and hip-hop, and I just kinda dig it (only the talented and true-hearted rap songs were good, most rap songs I didn't like), but then when I had my own computer hooked up on the 'internet', well that changed everything! Thanks to Youtube I found songs like Stairway To Heaven! I found Led Zeppelin! And MANY other great bands! Then about 2 years later, it all starts getting blocked... And then I realized, what about the people who are going to listen to this, and find out that Classic Rock music will be a part of their lives. They'll miss their chances. My father may have told me about some Classic Rock bands/artists, but still not all the bands/artists I'm into now. And for the people who did heard of Led Zeppelin and did search it on Youtube and found there was nothing because it was all blocked. Well they would think that the band never existed (meaning that it won't be in their lives and they won't care), and would live on and missed their chance... I ♥ ♫! Peace Out!
Postato 23 febbraio 2013
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