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La gente della notte - Jovanotti

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Lorenzo Cherubini (born in 1966), better known by his stage name of Jovanotti, made his debut at the age of twenty for Radio Deejay, under the aegis of Claudio Cecchetto. The renowned "Il Grande Boh!" was not in fact his debut as a writer as "Yo, brothers and sisters" had already launched him into the literary world. But his real passion was music, and this is where he has undergone his greatest personal and professional growth. His albums, without considering a number of singles associated with specific events (such as Cuore written to commemorate the tragic death of Giovanni Falcone), are the milestones of a complex musical journey that over the years has explored more and more genres and influences. Jovanotti has intensified his tours and collaborations and has performed with internationally renowned artists (Pino Daniele, Luca Carboni, Luciano Pavarotti). Performing live at the famous 9:30 Club in Washington, DC April 22, 2010. See: This video includes subtitles and a glossary of words for Italian language learners.
Postato 04 marzo 2014
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